The HAPO is an artificial exoskeleton that relieves the musculoskeletal system during specific physical activities. The science and research behind the innovative design provides actual assistive “power” for workers. Back-related work injuries affect 1 out of 5 workers, resulting in more pain at work and thus increasing costs to companies due to missed work. Whether bending or standing, the HAPO assists in preventing injuries, minimizing back strain, and supporting good posture.

Why the HAPO?​​

The HAPO decreases lumbar instability and protects the intervertebral discs. Innovative, it provides assistive “power” by partially deferring the efforts from the top of the trunk and chest towards the thighs using the tensile strength of composite springs. The belt allows support without restraint of the lumbar region. Its activation / deactivation mechanism offers great freedom of movement, such as sitting down, going up or down the stairs, or operating a motor vehicle.

Who needs the HAPO?​

The HAPO is for all people requiring back assistance and/or for those whose work causes back pain.

Work sectors: Logistical workers, construction, machine, agriculture, healthcare, delivery, food service.

The HAPO reduces low back effort and preserves the intervertebral discs regardless of the posture:

Accessible to all: Available in several sizes, the HAPO fits 98% of men and women

How does it work? ​

The HAPO exoskeleton does not transfer the load to the shoulders or compress the spine. Using resistive assistance technology, the innovative HAPO exoskeleton provides real physical assistance for workers.

  • Light Weight: Weighs only 2.4 lbs, allows sitting, walking, going up/down stairs, operating a vehicle…

  • Simple to Use: Installs like a backpack in 20 seconds

  • Powerful: The relative power assistance is 30.9 lbs

  • One-Click Engagement:​ Easy work-utilization with both engage and disengage functions

  • Affordable: Competitive cost-efficient lower back exoskeleton

Light weight

Simple to use


one-click engagement